Agnes SCOULAR whisky

Domaine du Red Tail

Agnes SCOULAR 2016 Wheat whisky

Soft white winter wheat whisky 2016

Agnes SCOULAR is a new approach to whisky from a Canadian, artisanal flour miller with a Scottish grand mother. Agnes SCOULAR was born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland on October 15 1908. She moved to Canada when she was 20 years old and married Arnley DENZIN of Tregarva, Saskatchewan. My Nan always had a bottle of Scottish whisky in her home.

This whisky is named in her honour to combine the wonderful whisky history of Scotland and the history of grains and flour in my Canadian family.

The 2016 Agnes SCOULAR whisky is made from soft white winter wheat that was grown in York and Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. We chose this wheat carefully as we wanted to introduce to the world a very smooth and approachable whisky, free of any harshness and stand offishness. Southern Ontario is surrounded by fresh water, left behind by the reciding glaciers. The soil is very fertile and the climate has cold, long winters and hot, humid summers. These traits build an unique foundation for great whisky. Agnes SCOULAR 2016 whisky is made from wheat that was grown in the Algonquin arch, a geological feature left behind from the retreating ice.

Raise a glass to the lass.

  • 43% alcohol

Agnes SCOULAR 2018 RAVEN Rye

2018 RAVEN Rye.

Future releases

2018 SPARROW Spelt

2018 HUMBER Wheat Bran

647 454 7365

Schomberg, Ontario L0G 1T0 Canada

Published by Agmes SCOULAR whisky by Domaine du Red Tail

After a thirty year career in flour milling it is time to do some distilling. Agnes SCOULAR whisky. Raise a glass to the lass.

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