Domaine du Red Tail

Agnes SCOULAR whisky

2016 GOLD FINCH soft white winter wheat

2018 RAVEN Rye winter rye

2018 RICE/RYE interkontinental

We produce Agnes SCOULAR whisky with a very special interest on the grain, it’s production and it’s milling.The cereal grains are organically grown, in seven separate fields, on our farm in Schomberg, Ontario, Canada. They are milled into flour, for full flavour extraction by k2MILLING in Bond Head. [15 km from the farm]

2016 Winter Wheat Schomberg $60/750 ml
2018 RAVEN Rye Schomberg $80/750ml
Harvest of winter rye on the domaine.

Agnes SCOULAR whisky

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To order please call or text: 647 454 7365

Pick up available at Last Straw Distillery in Vaughan

40 Pippin Road Phone: 416 564 5971


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Schomberg, Ontario, Canada